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PC User Monitoring Software: Orvell Monitoring 8.2 24/7 global customer support. No subscriptions or recurring fees.

Orvell Monitoring – Spy Software

Orvell Monitoring – Spy Software

Invisibly Monitor Chats, Emails, Program- and Website Activities, Keystrokes and more. Learn what your child or employee does on your computer today!

Orvell Monitoring has been an award-winning, cutting-edge spy software solution for over 22 years! Over a decade of refinement has created an incredibly easy-to-use computer monitoring solution.

The powerful features of Orvell Monitoring make investigations quick and efficient. Easy to install. Easy to use.

For Windows® Vista/7/8/10/11

Over 100 features that let you spy on computers

Invisible mode

Orvell Monitoring has a very sophisticated camouflage function (i.e. it runs unnoticed in the background). If the camouflage function (stealth mode) is activated, the surveillance software is not represented by an icon, nor is it listed as an installed program under "Programs" or displayed in the taskbar.

In order to view the recordings again later or to change program settings, call up the monitoring software with the key combination (hotkey) known only to you and enter your password.

The monitoring software cannot be uninstalled, over-installed or reconfigured without your personal password.

Orvell Monitoring is the comprehensive excellent Award-winning Monitoring software for Windows PCs.

With more than 50,000 satisfied customers in over 80 countries,
Orvell Monitoring is one of the most successful programs for PC monitoring worldwide.

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0 We do not pass on any data!
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How can I monitor a PC?



Make sure that the PC to be monitored is compatible with our monitoring software.

Fill out the order form and make your payment. You will receive further instructions immediately after purchase. Please also read our legal information before purchasing the software.



Download the installation file from the order email using the download link and then start it.

The wizard will guide you through the installation, which only takes seconds. The monitoring software then automatically starts to log all PC activities unnoticed in the background.



To view the recorded PC activities or to change the program settings, call up the monitoring software with the key combination (hotkey) known only to you.

This was displayed during the installation. After entering your password, you can view the recorded recordings.

Download now and start in 5 minutes!

For Windows® Vista/7/8/10/11

Special: 007 USB card - only for a short time

Orvell Monitoring USB 4 GB USB Card

Expand your order and receive Orvell Monitoring on our limited USB card in business / credit card format and 007 design. Usable like a USB stick.

Pre-configured with your license number for immediate installation, including automatic activation.

Storage capacity: 4 gigabytes. Design: 007 logo in glossy print.

Only while supplies last! Purchase now

Reasons to monitor PC and Networks

Protect Your Children: Computer Monitoring

Record all activities from PC, Mac, Android phone and iPhone. Find out what your child experiences on their computer and on the Internet.

  • Check which websites other people, especially minors, access on your computer.
  • Log what others are doing on your computer!
  • What does your child experience on the computer or mobile phone? Is it a victim of cyberbullying / internet bullying, cybergrooming, cyberbullying or cyber stalking?
  • Child protection: Sexual harassment of minors in internet chat rooms is possible.
  • Reconstruct your work and data after a computer crash.
  • Find out, who uses your computer for what purposes and who installs what on your computer or mobile phone!

  • Partner monitoring: if you need proof, that your (spouse) partner is cheating on you, use NOT our monitoring software to monitor your partner! This is not legal!

Home office control: monitor productivity and working hours

  • Control your home office: Control the use of the PC and the programs when your employees work from home. When is the PC switched on and off? What is being worked? Are breaks taken? Have activity reports sent to you by email about PC usage or when the PC is not in use.

Workplace control: employee activities that harm your company

Increase IT security in the company network in order to reduce costs, improve service and keep risks under control.

  • Data theft: Find users who make copies of confidential company information and share them via email / cloud.
  • Insider knowledge: Get informed immediately in case of questionable actions in connection with the misappropriation of company secrets.
  • Manipulation / deletion: Prove that users / employees willfully destroy, delete or manipulate data.
  • Identity theft: Know who is using different credentials on the network to gain access to sensitive information.
  • Data loss: Find out when data is copied / moved to USB sticks, CD-ROMs or laptops, which could be lost or stolen.
  • Loss of productivity: Record whether and to what extent the Internet is used for private purposes at the workplace. Private internet use during working hours can be a reason for termination.

The Spy Software: FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions

For a limited time, Ultimate Care is included FREE with your purchase of Ultimate Care entitles you to one full year:

  • Regular updates: always the latest version of the software
  • Premium support from our experts (German / English)
  • Access to our extensive support database
  • Technical Support via email – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — each member of our technical support team is fluent in the English language
  • SIGNIFICANT discounts on additional software licenses and other products
  • Discounted license extensions for Ultimate Care / Premium customers
  • All inclusive! No subscriptions or recurring fees.
  • Extension of the Ultimate Care / Premium Support Package at a special price (50%)
  • Unlimited runtime of the software.

Payment processing: MyCommerce/ShareIt from Cologne is our long-term partner for order and payment processing. MyCommerce/ShareIt answers questions about the ordering process here.

SSL-Technologie (Secure Socket Layer)

Security: all access to the order pages of the online shop takes place via the SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) with our partner MyCommerce/ShareIt. All common web browsers support this technology and thus ensure that the personal data you provide during the ordering process is securely transmitted. MyCommerce/ShareIt uses Norton / Symantec technologies.

If you still not want to send your credit card details over the Internet, you can also transfer the information to our Customer service by phone or fax.

Data protection by TRUSTe

Data protection: MyCommerce/ShareIt has been awarded the TRUSTe data protection seal. This means that this Privacy Policy and TRUSTe practices have been tested for compliance with TRUSTed Cloud Program Requirements, including transparency, scope of liability and choices regarding the collection and use of your personal information.

Information on the credit card statement / account statement: on your credit card statement or wire transfer is merely MyCommerce/ShareIt listed with a purpose. The purchased software is not mentioned there.

Licensing: the software is licensed according to the number of computers to be monitored. Example: if you want to monitor one Windows-computer, a single license is sufficient. If you want to monitor 2 computers, you need a 2 license (= multiple license), etc.

When the recordings are called up via a network, the PC with the recordings are called up does not have to be licensed.

Software runtime: the software works indefinitely.

Support/Hotline: With the purchase you automatically receive the Ultimate Care / Premium Support Package including 12 months updates, support and much more.

Backup delivery: For the additional Backup delivery, choose "Backup" on the order page. In addition to the email delivery, you will also receive the software by post (plus shipping costs)!

Purchase and installation: it is not absolutely necessary that you purchase the software from the PC on which you want to use the software. After purchasing, simply copy the installation file to a USB stick and run it later on the target device.

Postal address: the postal address is required for the creation of your invoice, which will be sent to you electronically as a PDF file to your e-mail address. You will never received anything from ProtectCom or MyCommerce/ShareIt in the mail - unless you choose the additional Backup delivery.

Subscription: You dont have to buy any subscriptions or pay recurring fees.

Anti-Spam: No customer or interested party will receive unsolicited emails from us - unless you have voluntarily subscribed to our newsletter.

30 days Refund warranty: If you have technical problems with the software that cannot be resolved with the help of our customer service team, please contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Do you have anymore questions? You get more answers in our Support area or contact us.

In contrast to other monitoring solutions of this type, which allow the retrieval of the recordings via a website, we do not save any of your recordings on our servers! The recordings always remain under your control, as they are either stored locally stored on the PC or in your network or sent via your mail server.

ProtectCom does not save any data from your monitored PCs. So we have no access to your recordings and nobody can steal this data.

The required hard disk space mainly depends on the size of the screen recordings:

  • Recording cycle and quality (color or gray tones)
  • after how many days the software should automatically delete recordings
  • how often the PC is used

A typical 8-hour day with screen recording every 30 seconds (in 256 colors) uses up approx. 50 MB of hard disk space per day.

Maintenance free: by default, the monitoring software logs the recordings of the last 30 days (freely adjustable). With 0.5 GB of hard disk space, a week of PC activities can be archived without any problems.

Orvell Monitoring:
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